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When you will change your car, you will buy the same brand?
I don't know

About Project

We created this website for people who want to sell, buy, or repair cars in Tauragė town in Lithuania. Tauragė is one of the biggest centres of importation and exportation of used cars in Eastern Europe. A lot of people from the former Soviet Union come to buy cars to our town. Therefore, for guests' convenience our website is being published in several languages.
    In our website you can find various ads of the cars, trucks, buses, motorbikes, and other vehicles. Also, here you can find all the car sales lots in Tauragė, all the car service stations and car repair places, all the car parts shops and used car parts selling places. You can pick them either from the map of Tauragė city or from the list. What is more, in our website you can find hotels, canteens, car insurance companies, companies providing transportation services, and much more information. Besides, you can use "Ads Board" for your needs.
    You can leave comments and your impressions in the "Forum".
    If you have any suggestions or find any errors on the website, please inform us by e-mail
    Companies from your country can advertise in our website. Applications should be sent by e-mail
    Good luck to all of you. We are looking forward to meeting you soon in Tauragė :)

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Weather in Taurage - lankytojai

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