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When you will change your car, you will buy the same brand?
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Advice for Car Buyers

  If you find a car that you want in our website, you can phone the seller and get more information about it. If you are satisfied with the information, you and the seller agree how and when you can see and test that car. 
  All the sellers speak in Lithuanian, Russian languages and some of them speak in Polish, English, or French. If you don't speak in Lithuanian or Russian, write an email to the seller, preferably in English or French. You can do this by using "Google Translator". 
  The majority of the car buyers come to our town personally. Still there some people who simply make bank transfers to the car sellers from their home and rent a car transportation service that delivers the car to the buyer. About 95% of the car sellers are companies of car importation and exportation. Prices for the export of the cars sometimes are lower then the base price. That happens when the cars are being exported to the countries which are not members of the European Union and the VAT does not have to be paid. As you can see, everything is easy. Have a good business. 
  If you have some difficulties, contact us

Good luck Wink

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