Car inspection service

Buying a car on a regular basis is not complicated, we provide a car inspection service. How does it work?

Whether the car seller is a private person or a company - we will save your precious time and assess the condition of the vehicle you are interested in:

We will contact the car owner, agree on the time and place of the inspection;

We will start the car

  • We will evaluate the body of the car - we will evaluate whether the car has not been repainted, if so, which places - we will do this using a paint layer gauge;
  • We will inspect and evaluate the car's interior, its level of wear;
  • We will evaluate the sound of the car's engine - whether it has no extraneous sounds;
  • With the permission of the owner, we will drive and check that the chassis does not emit extraneous sounds, that the traction of the car is correct and that the gears are switched properly.
  • We will check if the air conditioning system, parking system and other functions are working.
  • If necessary, we can take the car to your chosen service for inspection.

After deciding that the car is right for you, we:

  • We can prepare it for operation,
  • Provide service,
  • prepare insurance;
  • Perform a technical inspection,
  • At your request, also register it.

With many years of experience in the car business, we will inspect them more carefully and professionally than an ordinary person without experience in car inspection would do.

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