Car inspection service

When you choose a car in Taurage, be it a private dealer car or a car parked in the sales area, we can provide you with an inspection service. In such a case you would save your time as we will inspect the car for you and assess whether it meets your requirements. We will communicate directly with you and answer any questions you may have.

Once you have selected a car in Taurage, contact us and we will inspect and evaluate the overall condition of the car. We will contact the owner of the car, start the engine, test it as much as the owner and the possibilities allow. We will check if the car has been repainted, and if so, what exact areas – we will do this using the paint thickness gauge. We will inspect the condition of the interior for wear and tear, check the engine noise for abnormalities, drive with the owner’s permission, and check the chassis for extraneous noise, proper traction, and gear shifting. We will check if the air conditioning, parking system etc. function well. If necessary, we can take the car to a service station of your choice for inspection.

If you decide that the car is right for you, we can prepare it for service, carry out maintenance, insure, carry out a technical inspection, as well as register it at your request.

We have many years of experience in the car business, which allows us looking at them more carefully and professionally than a regular person with no experience in car inspection.


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