About project

The city of Taurage has been known as the city of the automotive industry for more than 20 years. A large number of cars are imported to Taurage from various countries, and currently cars from France occupy most of the parking spaces. In France, car dealers even wonder what kind of country is Taurage, how many millions of people live there. Such an impression has been formed due to the fact that the largest number of cars are imported to Taurage, which holds 15 parking lots and about 4 thousand cars at a time, from which one will surely be able to choose exactly what they need.

The automotive infrastructure is well-developed here. The purpose of this website is to organise the automotive industry, to help people from other cities or countries find a car that suits them best and to provide information on where the car can be inspected, insured, and registered. If necessary, we will do all this for you!