About project

Taurage is a city with convenient infrastructure, famous for its abundance of car sales. Car trade in Taurage is well developed - here different types of vehicles come from all over Europe. Currently, most of the parking spaces are occupied by cars from France.

Today, parking lots in Taurage can offer over 4,000 cars. The cars for sale are located in 16 parking lots in Taurage. You will find the main sites on the map.

The goal of UAB AUTOTAURAGĖ is to create a union of car purchases, sales and other services related to the car market, which will benefit everyone:

  • For the car buyer - fast, clear information in advertisements, quick communication, assistance in choosing a vehicle;
  • For the car dealer - because here, all the necessary services under one roof, and uploading car ads - is free.
  • Clear flow of information to the buyer and seller - we will help you find the right car for you, provide information about the car parking place, insurance services.
  • Don't have a chance to see the car live? We will be happy to help you with the CAR INSPECTION SERVICE!

Questions about cars or want to collaborate? Let's get in touch and dive into the car market in Taurage together!